Why this way?  Why not that way?

by Ellen Blakeslee, independent SI writer


"The present is juxtaposed with the past;

all media are combined and intertwined;

what joy there is in this acceptance."






"This page is as close to fact 

as can be permitted

 and still maintain fantasy"








     My name is Ellen Blakeslee, Editor of this webpage, resident of West Island, SI, and independent writer.  Consider Shoppolis Islands (SI)  a place of philosophical artistry and literary accomplishment, both of which your hosts, Greg and Liz Taylor, have set with their own hands, with the invaluable participation and encouragement of their family.  Break with convention, for a time, and view these places in a different light.... in an involved, not objective, manner while you are here.  Shoppolis Islands is remarkably matter-of-fact, logically idealistic, Utopian, and a bit philosophical, one might say.  It is ostensibly a commercial website designed to sell things, but it is also a mysterious and interesting imaginary place.  The graphical aspects are multi-media, and include original graphical art, personal photography, miniature modeling and more.  It is, hopefully, enchanting and a bit alluring.  There is a secret aspect to SI, but you will have to find the clues and piece together the parts that will continue to be provided as the fabric of SI unfolds, year after year, work by work.  Like other people in other lands, SI genes stretch back to the world's interesting beginnings, but unlike others, your host is aware of the messages within his collective corporeal structure and mental mist and, as a consequence, is able to construct an aura containing these elements in the combined forms of writings, sayings and arts.






     This website is a magical place, one that introduces SI to you, offers its art and writing to you, and above all, manifests its destiny, which is built into the veritable ground and sea of the historically themed storyline rolled out before you.  And the source for this inspiration?  It is said that Greg is descended from the level of people known as Druids through his Cullinan (O'Cullinaine) heritage, and there is no reason to argue or doubt this claim.  We were provided with this information by Greg's maternal grandmother, Honora Monahan St. John of Scartaglen, County Kerry, Ireland.  His own propensities and actions, since a child, indicate that it might be true.  Remember Druids were people of a certain intellectual and professional level and not a race; where they were from, and what their mission was, is another matter entirely and is part of the enigma of SI.  These mysterious aspects are addressed within the hallowed halls of this site, but over time only.  There are no immediate revelations; this is a slow, methodical process.  SI will continue to evolve its work until there is no more to say, digitally, block-by-block, like masons through time.  Set the restraints of your reality aside and replace it with that of Shoppolis Islands and its citizens, the players who perform for you in regular cadence.  Read the history of Shoppolis Islands in literary modules, such as, plays, novels, short stories and more, written with the idea that this website would stand in the stead of a library or single, compiled history.  For in reality, SI, the website, is an historical element.






     It is not enough to simply serve ones self in a lifetime; there must be more.  When given the gift of the public's eyes and ears, there must be a combining of one's own efforts with those of others.  Greg and Liz believe this.  A true artist brings others along on the path to recognition and success.  Therefore, this site contains tributes to others and their accomplishments, those fellow Shoppolis Islands artists and writers who represent so many sides of SI.  This site, through its imaginary citizens, aside from Greg and Liz, educates those who peruse its contents; it assumes a certain responsibility to those who could be influenced in one way or another.  As a result, this site provides much additional data and information where otherwise it would not.  Therefore, this site is a notable masterpiece in the making, and when those living today are long gone, it will simply be a masterpiece, but to history?  One will always be judged, in part, by what legacy is left behind, which means, while one is alive and kicking, the legacy must be built; not after, preferably by ones own hands in ones own time.





     Just like the great ones who stretched canvases, painted ceilings and walls, lugged their work from patron to patron, the artist, known as Gregory St. John Taylor, has labored over screens and keyboards, killed more than one electronic mouse, and has consistently worn out canvases, boards, brushes and expended gallons of paint.  In SI art opinion, the new Masters are creating their products digitally, all over the world, and we all must pay great attention to this phenomenon, otherwise, we are liable to miss a great modern era in art and literature development, mainly because we live within it.  Perspective is rarely gained when too close to the subject, it is claimed.  There is very little difference between dots on a canvas and dots on a screen.....think about it..... or even blocks and bricks in a masonry building. 





     Like any artist or writer trying to become a legend, Greg Taylor and a myriad of living writers, photographers, movie makers, script writers and other creative men and women want their work to be "seen" by everyone, but the disadvantages to the Internet are as boundless as its advantages.  Like in life, "it is hard to be found."  SI, in its entirety, would like to help "the collective mind" of man.  Layton Shore, a contemporary SI philosopher states, "human beings on this planet are not done yet, but there is hope that the oven of time and common sense may hasten the process."  There is really only one kind of artist, and the tools of his/her trade are not the determiners; the product and its effect on the appreciators comprise the determiner.  Therefore, SI will persist, as any proud and confident parent should, until this particular branch of work (this site) is of a magnitude of development and level of impact that its dollar worth will be commensurate with his estimate of its value, namely, "priceless."  





     Now, while this site is inching toward its own manifest destiny, SI would like to thank those of you out there, personally, who provided the tools and the media for the staff to create this website, to precise specifications, for specific professional and personal purposes, and to continue evolving it indefinitely.  It is hoped that some of you who have been led here by suggestion or assistance (yes, those of you searching for new ideas for movies, TV, novels and such) will find what you are looking for amid the convoluted meanderings of Shoppolis Islands.  Greg and Liz uses Microsoft software products to the limit.  All buildings, landscapes, island views, street and island maps, vessels and other tangibles, have been, built in Microsoft Paint, pixel-by-pixel, at least to a point, then converted using E-Mage Processor, from V-Methods Software.  PNGs are the preferred file format at this time.  Paint, the program, is a perfect masonic tool for a down-the-line Druid descendant, block-by-block.  All text is generated in Microsoft Office Word, and the site itself is constructed in Microsoft Office FrontPage.  Novels and other large documents are offered as completed e-books offered on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook through a Greg and Liz established company, DUO Publications & Documentation R&D of West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.



"Sometimes disparate elements form perfect units."



     Since this is a perpetual site, Greg, SI's exclusive developer, and Liz, his remarkable mate and partner, editor and publisher are evolving SI into new methodologies and applying new tools in Phase Two that began January 1, 2005 and ended in June of 2006.  Phase Three began in July 2006 and ran until January, 2007.  Phase One ran from September, 2001 to December 31, 2003 and contained all the steps of development.  The period from January 1, 2004 to April 20, 2004 were spent deciding how to offer talents in a manner that supported the drama and still offered real art and writing to real people outside this cyber-world.  October of 2007 signaled the next period of development, that of Phase Four.  Phase Five ran to 2010, and in 2011, the next phase began, foll0wed by Phase 6, 2011 and beyond.  Phase 7 of Shoppolis Islands (not to be confused with the writing career phases, 1 and 2) has begun in January of 2012, and now, we of SI are now in 2013.  SI has been a reality, as you can see, since 2001.  The history and all the storylines will continue indefinitely, because that's part of the game plan and it is also the "literature" part of this site, along with the "aspects," of course.  Greg and Liz are prolific writers/artists and have become totally engaged and absorbed while weaving history through the SI story.  They are both one.  We, the citizens of Shoppolis Islands, are eternally thankful to their main character, Captain Everett Shopp of the good ship, Prize Mary,  part of the ongoing history of Shoppolis Islands which includes other vessels, such as the Innocence, the Closed Door, the Bounty, Fawn and others like Feenicks, and New Dawn.  We thank Greg and Liz for their personal efforts for without them, there would be no Shoppolis Islands for any of us. 





     Below is another project going on, and that is the model of the Taylor sport fishing boat, in 1-inch-equals-1-foot scale (the scale for standard doll houses).  This boat model is being scratch-built, and there are no formal plans or jigs.  It is a labor of love.  Hopefully, it will be completed in 2012, and will serve as an item of art rather than a scale model of a boat.  it will eventually be one object of art in a color reminiscent of the wood itself.  The plaque on the stand of this waterline model will be screwed into place and when the art is sold, the new owner can remove the plaque, have it engraved, and secure it in place again.   The boat itself was originally designed to be a "rug boat" to push around on the rug.  It was begun in 1983, when their daughter was three years old.  It will be finished, sanded, then painted with a high-gloss paint in the color of the wood you see.  The boat is designed to fit wonderfully on a low base so the simplicity of the interior can be enjoyed.  It is not designed to be a model; it is a piece of art, so there will be no rails, ladders, doors or windows; no hardware. 





Enjoy the Shoppolis Islands Express 

Thank you for your indulgence; I can feel your presence, and its is warm and friendly.

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