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Welcome to our innovative and imaginary South Pacific home,

a place of promotion and marketing of our abilities, products and talents



".....you will find Shoppolis Islands in your heart;

and you will find Shoppolis Islands in your mind,

but you will have to search far and wide

to find them on the map....."






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This comprehensive scrolling newsletter provides you with the latest updates.





[Read stories and books of Shoppolis Islands history]






Read the interrelated history of Shoppolis Islands

presented in original short story and novel-sized literary modules

(not available as original literature anywhere else)





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[View 23 of our SI yachts for charter]







Have fun with graphically produced imaginary yachts for charter.





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Have fun with graphically produced imaginary homes for rent.





[View 22 of our SI businesses for lease]







Enjoy visiting graphically produced SI imaginary businesses for lease.





[Enjoy Greg and Liz HO-gauge, 1/87-scale dioramas and products]
















Our e-book link promoting and advertising our collection of over 90 diverse e-books,

collectively available on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook,

click on logo to go to website, www.classicaldoorway.com









This is our Scrambled Eggheads promotional and marketing website, www.scrambledeggheads.com

for 5 Scrambled Eggheads e-books, available on Kindle and Nook, built on these cartoon characters)









This is our music webpage, www.muzaicsound.com

containing an 11-song digital music playlist made by us using Ejay products)









This is our webpage for future Stage and Film Single Performer Performances (SPP), www.purpletonmanor.com









a gallery of original art from 1966 Pennsylvania Academy of (the) Fine Arts alumnus,

career professional artist, technical illustrator, Penn State author, poet, caricaturist and cartoonist

Gregory St. John Taylor


original artwork, www.wsexyz.com




this website contains some erotic and sensual artwork and

should not be visited by anyone under 18 years of age








our professional business webpage, www.duospecialties.com



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